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What happens in a leadership coaching program

What happens in a leadership coaching program

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Coaching is a dialogue

Coaching consist of dialogues about the client’s problems and solutions, dialogues in which the coach asks questions to help the client find solutions to what he set out to achieve. It is important to say that the coaching conversations are dialogues – not discussions, nor debates, nor small talk.

A dialogue is a form of conversation where several conditions are met:

  1. the two parties (coach and client) are mutually perceived as equal;

  2. the two parties suspend their judgments of other’s opinions;

  3. there is a facilitator of the dialogue/ a “conversation process owner” – the coach – who manages for the first 2 rules to be observed.

Rhythm and location

Usually, the coaching sessions take place online (lately) and/ or offline, sometimes even by telephone. At the beginning of the coaching relationship or program, the intensity of the sessions is higher (quantitatively and qualitatively) and the sessions are weekly. Afterward, there are biweekly and then monthly sessions.

What does the coach during a regular coaching session

  1. gives you attentive listening; 

  2. gives you feedback and new insights into the patterns of your life that help you and into those that keep you from getting what you want; 

  3. asks you questions that guide you to find new solutions; 

  4. gives you topics of disciplined practice for developing skills; 

  5. gives you learning resources in the direction you choose.  

What can you get from coaching?

  1. Plan to obtain something – certain tangible results (higher salary, promotion, new job, etc.); 

  2. Learn to do something better – raising certain good habits and abilities and partially improving some unwanted ones; 

  3. Become different – exercise new attitudes, more appropriate in certain conditions.

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    Integral Executive And Leadership Coaching 

    What are your personal ambitions in leadership? What is your strategy for fulfilling that ambition? What’s your next move in that direction? What is the behavior you know you have to change to get there? Can you do it from your existing level of consciousness?

    Team Coaching For Management Teams

    Is there a shared urgency in your team towards improvement? Is there any mutually acknowledged pain of working together that needs to be solved? Does each of the team members share a strive and drive for betterment?

    Integral Creativity And Business Innovation

    Do you, as a leader, find yourself repeating the same old pattern, giving obsolete directions to your team, wondering why they never innovate by their own? Are you interested in implementing a functional culture of innovation into your enterprise?

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