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Deep values motivate a leader’s actions.

George Bragadireanu creates a strategic space of reflection where his clients are invited to provoke the maximum manifestation of their most fundamental motivations. The coaching process always starts and ends with 360 assessments of leadership values, using the golden standard methodology inspired by Abraham Maslow, updated by Scott Barry Kaufmann, and perfected by Richard Barrett.

Reactivity and creativity are both conscious choices.

George Bragadireanu believes in the immense creative spirit of humans. He also thinks a leader’s ego, sometimes and temporarily ossified by certain circumstances, limits this spirit’s freedom and potential. He then uses challenging questions, reframing, reflection, paradoxes, koans, and metaphors to bring back the spark in his clients’ lives (individuals and teams).

Integral Leadership Coaching

Integral refers to an evolutionary understanding of one’s leadership.

Through our approach of values audit, creative spirit orientation and integral methodology, we create premises for a sustainable transformation and an emancipation of the perspective on leadership at high levels of consciousness.

Integral methodology presupposes human potential development by covering four main directions: values and beliefs, actions, relationships, and the larger systemic context. It is based on the works of such scholars as Ken Wilber, Susanne Cook-Greuter, Bob Kegan, Terri O’Fallon, or Peter Senge.

Meet Your Professional Coach, George Bragadireanu

“I create a space and time for reflection and ask you challenging questions to bring out the creative spark of your values.”

George Bragadireanu Professional Leadership Coach

George Bragadireanu

About George Bragadireanu

Childhood, personality, upbringing

In their testimonials, clients often use words and phrases such as energetic, motivating, creative, dedicated, resourceful and intelligent. But who is beyond these appreciations?

George was born in 1975 in Bucharest and lived for the first seven years of his life with his parents in Pitești, where they had their jobs as engineers in large Romanian state-owned companies in the field of energy research and machines building. Throughout his childhood, which continued in 1981 in Bucharest, he showed a remarkable curiosity about all aspects of life and in the conditions of the socialist society of those times his main occupation was to read all the books that came before his eyes regardless of their subject. In addition, he fell in love with certain subjects, such as mathematics, physics and philosophy, which defined his adolescence. He never lost touch with the nature he found in his long summer months with his grandparents. Imagine a teenager with a book under his arm in the middle of nature and with Gazeta Matematică as the main scientific concern, for many years in a row. Around him, the reality of society changed radically and the chaos of the transition from communism to capitalism made him delve even deeper into the study of economics and political science, mathematics and philosophy, which he always saw as sources for him to understand the world in which he lived.

An always free spirit, he chose to pursue in parallel formal studies in economics and mathematics followed by postgraduate school and master’s degree in political science, communication and advertising at the faculties of Bucharest. His preoccupation with communication and the meanings of language led him to write and publish a book of poems at just 20 years old, with lyrics that express philosophical and spiritual ideas about the world and life.

The first jobs were those of specialist in the banking activity within some financial institutions of international scope in which he put into practice his continuous curious spirit and dedicated to the improvement of what he had to do. The natural result was a series of promotions in the management positions of larger and larger teams. He worked and coordinated teams in the field of risk, sales and professional development until 2012 when, after 13 years of corporate activity, he understood that he could be more substantially helpful from the position of external consultant.

A new career

Studies, coaching preparation and interests

In 2012 he founded the company that today is called The Leadership Spark and which has offered organizational training and coaching services from the beginning.

The new activity also involved a new mindset, one of entrepreneurship and at the same time one focused on the development of human creative potential. In support of this change, he followed in the coming years several training schools in coaching.

He chose each of them using as criteria their history, their depth and belonging to a significant lineage: the London School of Performance and Transpersonal Coaching founded by what is considered the father of the coaching industry, Sir John Whitmore, the school of coaching based on neurolinguistic programming and psychotherapy founded by Cătălin Zaharia in Bucharest based on an Austrian curriculum and the Ottawa / Canada integral coaching school founded on the meta-integral philosophy of Ken Wilber, the greatest contemporary philosopher. He is also specialised in auditing leadership values, following the preparation within the Barrett Academy For The Advancement Of Human Values.

In addition to these studies, he has experimented with a lot of methodologies for changing and developing human creative potential in order to have direct access to its understanding and human psychology.

At the same time and continuing to offer training and coaching services, he contributed to the development of the Romanian coaching market and education by translating three books in the field, launching a dedicated application and of several revolutionary services in their time.

The apotheosis of personal research in the field of creativity and leadership was represented by the writing and publication of the volume entitled The Leadership Spark: The New Integral Technique To Ignite Your Creative, Innovative, And Strategic Leadership.

In recent years, his work has focused almost exclusively on coaching for leaders of organizations and management teams and all his training has consisted of an accelerated development of professional coaching skills at the international level certified by ICF (International Coaching Federation).

His ambitions are related to the development of professional coaching skills and expanding the range of services to the international market.

What can you expect from working with George Bragadireanu

Values assessment, creativity elicitation, measurable behavioural results

George’s clients are always welcome in the middle of his life and he provides everyone with an intimate, confidential and nurturing setting for the development of their creative potential. He always offers a predictable development structure that takes into account the specifics of the personality of each client.

He enjoys working with ambitious leaders who have already had outstanding results and who want more. He likes to challenge their motivations, values and ambitions until the total manifestation of their creativity.

From a logistical and administrative point of view, all coaching relationships are based on an initial understanding of the client’s reality and ambitions, on the most visible measurability of the client’s development and on a constant emphasis on the manifestation of each person’s intrinsic values and creativity.

He prefers to work on contracts that precisely define desired and measurable behavioral outcomes for which the payment may be in the form of a total price, less often in the form of an hourly rate price.

International Executive & Leadership Coach

Optimism, Actionable Insights, Learning, Creativity, Attention to Values, Listening, Efficiency

George Bragadireanu is recognised as one of the most efficient coaches in the industry.

Being a double certified coach (by The International Coaching Federation and The European Coach Federation) and having graduated from 3 international schools of coaching, he continues to study intensely to become as efficient as he could be, having in mind his clients. He uses a wide range of approaches with his clients, having studied business performance and transpersonal coaching (London, John Whitmore), integral coaching (Ken Wilber lineage), NLP and psychotherapy (Austrian curriculum).

This same spirit is seen in his preoccupation with values/ motivations and the creative spirit, as working at the fundamental level of values ensures the most efficiency in his clients’ change and transformation process towards more creativity.

He is also the author of: The Leadership Spark – The New Integral Technique To Ignite Your Creative, Innovative, And Strategic Leadership the only book in the world proposing an integral framework for leading and implementing business innovation.

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A Provocative Space To Reflect

Executive coaching is fulfilling an archetypal need in work-life: that of a quiet, reflective space in which to be challenged in one’s assumptions to get one to think differently.

Authentic Influence

360 Leadership Values Audit

Followers’ perceptions are essential to a leader’s evolution. Following the most critical values gives a leader an authentic influence.


Evolutionary Leadership Development

The last 50 years of research in the psychology of potential give us plenty of valuable resources to build a conscious leadership style.

Integral Executive And Leadership Coaching

Integral Executive Coaching for top leaders, based on 360 values assessment and measurable behavioral results definition.

Team Coaching for Management Teams

Integral Team Coaching for top management teams based on 360 team values assessment and measurable team behavioral results definition.

Integral Creativity And Innovation Keynotes

Keynotes and business innovation consultancy based on the Integral Innovation Framework.

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    Integral Executive And Leadership Coaching 

    What are your personal ambitions in leadership? What is your strategy for fulfilling that ambition? What’s your next move in that direction? What is the behavior you know you have to change to get there? Can you do it from your existing level of consciousness?

    Team Coaching For Management Teams

    Is there a shared urgency in your team towards improvement? Is there any mutually acknowledged pain of working together that needs to be solved? Does each of the team members share a strive and drive for betterment?

    Integral Creativity And Business Innovation

    Do you, as a leader, find yourself repeating the same old pattern, giving obsolete directions to your team, wondering why they never innovate by their own? Are you interested in implementing a functional culture of innovation into your enterprise?

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