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The Leadership Spark executive coaching values conscious

Are you prepared to solve or to create?

Are you prepared to solve or to create? 1200 644 The Leadership Spark

Our values are always at the core of our choices, conscious or unconscious. Inner peace comes from understanding each of our choices as a prioritization of values.

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The Leadership Spark notes#3

Choosing meaning, creating power

Choosing meaning, creating power 1200 644 The Leadership Spark

She seems frustrated when she elaborates on her partial successes in controlling her behavior. On one hand, she is happy about the progress, on the other hand, she is unhappy about losing control in certain situations. She has a behavioral plan, she follows it but sometimes she is lost in her emotions, unable to refrain…

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The Leadership Spark Session Notes 4

Doing loves being

Doing loves being 1200 644 The Leadership Spark

She raises her tone of voice when she explains her dilemma as if she is puzzled by what she says she wants. She is looking for meaning in her life. “What is meaningful to you?” “I find meaning in everything I do for myself“ “And you said earlier you want to leave a more visible…

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the leadership spark 06 feb 21

The end result of analysis seduction is falling in love with it and divorcing from your fulfilment

The end result of analysis seduction is falling in love with it and divorcing from your fulfilment 1200 644 The Leadership Spark

In a state of reflection he analyses for 10 minutes the ideas of procrastination, analysis, following processes and not getting results.  I ask him “What are you doing right now?” He realises he is deep in his own process of analysis. “What is the end result of this analysis?” I ask. “I do not know.…

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    Integral Executive And Leadership Coaching 

    What are your personal ambitions in leadership? What is your strategy for fulfilling that ambition? What’s your next move in that direction? What is the behavior you know you have to change to get there? Can you do it from your existing level of consciousness?

    Team Coaching For Management Teams

    Is there a shared urgency in your team towards improvement? Is there any mutually acknowledged pain of working together that needs to be solved? Does each of the team members share a strive and drive for betterment?

    Integral Creativity And Business Innovation

    Do you, as a leader, find yourself repeating the same old pattern, giving obsolete directions to your team, wondering why they never innovate by their own? Are you interested in implementing a functional culture of innovation into your enterprise?

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