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FREE Checklist on any innovation initiative

FREE Checklist on any innovation initiative in your company


Here you can answer a short poll/ checklist on integral innovation. If you would check ‘yes’ on all the points listed, you can declare yourself as an ‘integral innovator’. It means that somehow, intuitively or purposefully you came to innovate or manage innovation in an integrally informed manner. If not, you may want to have a coaching session on the missing points and ‘unconnected dots’. If so, contact me to have a chat.

  1. Do you, as a leader of this innovation initiative, believe that you and everybody else in the company are creative?
  2. Does everyone in the company believe she or he is creative?
  3. Does your initiative explicitly show and is linked to a bigger than business drive or purpose?
  4. Doesyour initiative explicitly targets at solving others’ (clients’) people live?
  5. Is there a completetransparency of the initiative mechanisms and processes within the stakeholders?
  6. Is there a mix of people (race, gender, age, expertise, experience, etc.) involved in conducting or executing this innovation initiative?
  7. Are these people exchanging and sharing ideas, hints, solutions, questions, problems with one another?
  8. Is the innovation initiative ‘open’ to all its stakeholders? (do the clients, employees, suppliers, shareholders have an input in the innovation initiative?)
  9. Does this innovation initiative make use of instruments to elicit or stir innovative and creative thinking (specialized workshops, lateral thinking, brainstorming sessions, incubation, etc.)?
  10. Is there an innovation framework in place, clear to anyone? (processes, resources, teams, deadlines, rules, etc.)?

    Let’s Explore What Is Your Ambition

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    Integral Executive And Leadership Coaching 

    What are your personal ambitions in leadership? What is your strategy for fulfilling that ambition? What’s your next move in that direction? What is the behavior you know you have to change to get there? Can you do it from your existing level of consciousness?

    Team Coaching For Management Teams

    Is there a shared urgency in your team towards improvement? Is there any mutually acknowledged pain of working together that needs to be solved? Does each of the team members share a strive and drive for betterment?

    Integral Creativity And Business Innovation

    Do you, as a leader, find yourself repeating the same old pattern, giving obsolete directions to your team, wondering why they never innovate by their own? Are you interested in implementing a functional culture of innovation into your enterprise?

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