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Integral Executive And Leadership Coaching

Integral Executive And Leadership Coaching


What are your personal ambitions in leadership? What is your strategy for fulfilling that ambition? What’s your next move in that direction? What is the behavior you know you have to change to get there? Can you do it from your existing level of consciousness?


For all the leaders we are coaching, we dedicate a year of 100% dedication for development, with monthly or bi-monthly coaching sessions, weekly check-ins and constant audit and measurement of evolution towards attainment of the desired results.


Our clients refer to us with a combination of the following ambitions:

01 Increased Influence

Executive presence is sometimes linked to authenticity, perfectionism, the impostor syndrome and self confidence.

02 Efficient Communication

Optimal communication is a by-product of a clear vision, a structured inner dialogue, a preeminence of logical thinking over the emotional.

03 Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution may be done many ways and still it is based on the capacity of a balanced pondering of all options, facts and opinions.

04 Emotional Intelligence

The tendency and scientifically proven fact is for the most cognitively intelligent people to lack a matching level of emotional intelligence.

05 Vision Set-Up And Transmission

A vision is a clearer future image of one’s accomplished mission. And mission always starts from recognising and actualising one’s values.

06 Motivating The Team

The transmission of a compelling vision and instrumental values is a matter of team cohesion, clear communication and influence.

How we work

Our interventions are always meant to be efficient, well integrated into client’s world and fully customised.

1. Identifying Your Ambitions, Goals And Reality

The initial phase require a thorough identification and audit of the current leadership values, of the desired changes and set up of behavioural goals or competencies to be developed. Apart from the initial contracting, sponsors involvement and pure coaching sessions, we use several other methodologies like interviews, feedforward and 360 degrees values audit using Richard Barret’s methodology (producing reports like this one).

2. Planning A Course Of Individualised Development

At this moment we partner to co-create the specific individual development strategy involving the integral methodology as a general framework. Each such strategy envisions individual actions, inner work and reflective practices, relational behaviours and also other systemic changes in client’s world to support the attainment of the defined goal.

3. Deliberate Practice And Development

In this phase almost anything has an actionable aspect meaning the client will repeatedly and continuously cycle through the defined practices set up before. Every step is now debriefed, role playing and future pacing is the norm while any insight is valued as an input to perfecting the practices. In the end, a final audit of the attainment of the goal is realised and we celebrate the new competencies acquired.


The Leadership Spark differs from other approaches to leadership development by three specific things: the focus on leadership values as motivators, the holistic/ integral approach to systemically cover any aspect in client’s world, the deliberate practice of the desired behaviours and competences, the supportive provocation of the existing consciousness level in an attempt to elicit the creative spirit.

Values Informed Development
All Around Integral Approach
Deliberate Practice Of Desired Behaviors
Support And Challenge Of Existing Reality

    Let’s Explore What Is Your Ambition

    These are our services. Contact us today and involve us in your development.

    Integral Executive And Leadership Coaching 

    What are your personal ambitions in leadership? What is your strategy for fulfilling that ambition? What’s your next move in that direction? What is the behavior you know you have to change to get there? Can you do it from your existing level of consciousness?

    Team Coaching For Management Teams

    Is there a shared urgency in your team towards improvement? Is there any mutually acknowledged pain of working together that needs to be solved? Does each of the team members share a strive and drive for betterment?

    Integral Creativity And Business Innovation

    Do you, as a leader, find yourself repeating the same old pattern, giving obsolete directions to your team, wondering why they never innovate by their own? Are you interested in implementing a functional culture of innovation into your enterprise?

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